Basic instructions on a green card course:

  • The course usually lasts 3 days and includes 12 hours of golf instruction (3 hours: Rules and a written test, 3 hours: Putting, 3 hours: Short game and 3 hours: Long game)
  • In the prize of the BRONZE course (group of 3-6 people in dates determined in advance for the lowest price) the following is included: golf equipment, unlimited number of range balls, admission to the training areas (driving range, putting green, chipping area, 3 PAR academy) and playing lessons with an instructor on the golf course
  • The course begins with the meeting of the participants and their instructor at the golf reception of the Hotel International located in the middle of the golf course Black Stork in Veľká Lomnica
  • The course ends with a golf game on the golf course under the supervision of the instructor and issuing a certificate
  • To receive the certificate a successful completion of the written test and the practical part of the course are necessary
  • Dress code: According to the golf etiquette you are not allowed to play golf in jeans. Golf is played in polo shirts with long or short sleeves or sleeveless, however no straps tops; in hot weather shorts must reach the knees; it is very important to have waterproof clothes with you when playing golf; golf shoes are also recommended: our golf shop at the golf reception offers a wide range of golf shoes. When choosing golf clothes, please bear in mind, that there is no such thing as bad weather for playing golf, only an unsuitably dressed golfer.


  • first open dates: 30th August - 1st September
  • the courses can also be organized on other dates, not only at weekends, but also individually


If you have any further questions, contact us on +421 52 4661 341 or on

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