The Lomnicky golf club offers juniors an advantageous junior membership. All of the advantages of a LGK member will the junior under 21 years have after paying the entry fee of 1 000 €. After reaching 21 years of age the junior will become a full member of LGK without any other payments! In adition, the junior can take advantage  of regular trainings for junior representation and potentional junior players with experienced trainers that take 2,5 – 4 hours every week free of charge.


Entry fee 1000 €
Is payed only once (when becomming a member of the club), membership is perpetual and is not higher in adulthood.

Yearly fee 250 €
Is payed once a year, always in January. When buying the membership during the year, it is payed aliquotly according to the month of entry. When reaching 21 years of age, the fee is unified with the adult memeber fee. 

Administrative fee 50 €
It is payed when becoming a member of the club or when an administrative change is done (e.g. when transfering the membership on another person or when selling the membership).




For your children we offer you golf lessons with professional trainers in the wonderful nature of the High Tatras. Choose according to your requirements. Your kids can spend 5 exciting days in a golf camp alone under the supervision of experienced educators and with many interesting attractions among new friends or in a daily golf school from 9:30 to 18:00 (they are with you at home and come in the morning at the golf course or can stay with you in the hotel and you have different interesting agenda during the day). Program of the golf school is common. Juniors with the Green Card will play at a 9-hole golf course with a professional trainer for 3 days and they will even play a night tournament once! For kids from 6 to 16 years old (opening on Monday at 9:00, ending on Friday at 18:00).

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