You will love FootGolf  in the Tatras!


18-hole-FootGolf course at the golf resort Black Stork in Veľká Lomnica (on the golf course Vardon (C)) will be open again from Saturday, 18th April 2019. The season for FootGolfers can start!

We look forward to meeting you in High Tatras!

FootGolf combines two of the most popular sports in the world: football and golf.  The game is played with a classic football ball on a golf course with 53 cm diameter holes.

The godfather of the FootGolf course is the footballer Ján Kozák jr.

You can play FootGolf every day from 2.00 p.m. (except on Saturdays) until the end of the season.

Book your T-time at the golf reception: Tel. +421 52 4661 806 or at


When football and golf merge into one.

You just need sports clothes (or clothes similar to golf clothes: short or long trousers and a collared  shirt, no football clothes but knee-long football socks ), trainers (no football boots, we recommend turf shoes or indoor trainers) a football ball size 5 (we can also lend you one at the golf reception).

The rules of Footgolf are largely similar to those of golf. The scoring system is similar to golf  where each stroke is counted, however the players use their feet to kick the football down the fairway to the hole. The lowest number of kicks determines the winner. The Footgolf hole is outside the green which means that the golfers are not disturbed. The same applies to the game itself, Footgolf players have to book their Tee time and they move from hole to hole as golfists.

Each player has his/her own ball and there are maximum 4 players in one group. The ball is kicked from a tee box down the fairway to a hole. The kick off is possible only from the ground and a player can kick the ball with his left or right leg. Each contact with the ball counts as a kick. A ball unplayable under a tree, etc. is chosen not closer to the hole and the player receives 1 penalty point. The player who gets a ball with the lowest possible number of kicks into a hole wins. The winner is the player with the lowest score  or who gained the most holes.

The players are not allowed to run, shout nor curse on the course. The players must behave politely to other players. Slower playing players should be overtaken by a faster playing group of players. Sand bunkers must be arranged by players as they were before.

The popularity of the sport is growing enormously in the world, the most of the FootGolf courses are in the Netherlands, England, the USA and Argentina. It is supported and played actively by former world football stars.





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