Here you can find everything you need to know for playing at the Black Stork golf course.

1. Course:
borders of the course are limited by white pegs marking outs, out is a place with two white pegs beside each other.

2. Movable obstructions:

  • stones in bunkers
  • rake in bunkers
  • pegs for marking of water hazards

3. Unmovable obstructions:

  • • benches
  • orientation boards
  • billboards
  • heads of baffle equipment
  • water pits and their covers
  • equipment for washing of balls
  • stones for distance marking
  • pegs marking distance to the edge of green

4. Bridges, paths and pavements with artificial surface (asphalt, dark grey stones) in the area are unmovable obstructions. If a ball lies on the bridge over the water hazard, the player can touch the bridge with a club.

5. Drainage canals surrouned by stones are defined as water hazards.

6. Biozone is defined as water hazard and it is marked by yellow pegs with green tops. The entrance to the biozone is strictly forbidden and it is fined by the amount of 1 000,- Sk.

7. In case of the game on a surface outside obstructions a scot – free remission is valid for protection of young trees. It relates to trees lower than 2 metres.

8. Playing time for 9 holes is 2 hours and 20min. Limit of separate holes is cca 15 min.

9. A group of players which do not follow time limits for individual holes will be warned by the marshal, it will have to follow a faster group or will be expelled from the course after the second warning.

10. Training swings on the teeing ground are allowed only if there is no contact between the club and the ground. It is not allowed to cut the grass by training swings.

11. Balls can be struck from the grass only on the teeing ground marked with a rope and noone is allowed to strike from the boxes and mats.

12. The ground which is being under repair is marked with blue pegs and it is forbidden to perform the game there. Players has the right for scot – free drop. Players can choose a ball from the ground under repair. If the entrance to the ground is forbidden, there is a black strip on the top of the blue pegs. The entrance to this area is fined by the amount of 1 000,- Sk.

13. Duties of players:

  • repair of cut grass
  • smothering of traces by sand after strokes on teeing grounds
  • repair of traces after falls of the balls on the greens
  • placement of taken pegs back to their positions
  • maintenance of sand in bunkers after playing the ball
  • following the time limit for the game according to the rules on the score card
  • obedience in case of  appeal to leave the course because of danger (1 long uninterrupted tone of siren)
  • acceptance of instructions of the marshals
  • player on the motor golf cart is obliged to move upright across the fairway, that is in the shortest possible way and he must not approach the green in the distance less than 50 metres
  • player is obliged to register a dog in the golf reception. The fee for dog is 2 €, a remittance slip is an entry to the green fee card and accounting slip. The player will receive a packet for dog´s excrements and he is obliged to remove them. Every dog must have a collar and a guideline. Dogs are not allowed to enter the teeing grounds or greens as well as driving range. In case of breach of any of these regulations the players will be expelled from the course and punished by failure fee. Members of the club will be fined by the amount of 1 000,- Sk.

14. Forbidden:

  • aimed search for balls among other players
  • game with more balls
  • movement on the green with a bag or trolley
  • entrance to the course with HCP more than 45
  • movement on the course in own motor cart, three – wheel cars, etc. With exception of handicapped players who own special arranged cars and confirmation about their handicap from the doctor

15. Breach of the regulations as stated above, threat of other players, time disordance for individual holes and search for balls is punished by:

  • warning of the marshal
  • expulsion from the course and failure fee
  • fine in the amount of 30 € and more
  • any more serious breach of etiquette and golf rules are followed by entry to the book which will be at disposal in the golf reception and by prohibition of playing for a certain period
  • serious punishments for members of the LGK are judged in disciplinary process.

16. Except of tournaments the players can use optic and electronic equipment for distance measurement.

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